We are unhappy because of the disengagement between Turkish and Armenian societies that lived together for centuries, due to historical and political reasons that make the relationship between these two societies almost completely alienated. We believe that this relationship must go back to normal, and we, as the change makers, feel the burden of this historic responsibility on our shoulders.
In order to contribute to the normalization process between two societies as well as Turkey and Armenia and foster regional peace, we launched “Hello, Neighbour: Turkish-Armenian Youth Dialogue” program in 2017.
Within this program, we will be conducting a series of events such as youth and voluntary exchanges, workshops, screenings, panels, and social media campaigns.
We know that peace is not possible without understanding each other and realizing the importance of cultural diversity. We know it’s a long and winding road; but nobody claims that it is  easy to work for peace.
Support us if you would like to be a part of the change and bring back old comrades together.


  • Encouraging young people from both countries recognise each others’ cultural and social values, and contribute to the elimination of existing prejudices by creating intercultural interaction opportunities such as: living, learning and working together.
  • Strengthening the channels for dialogue and the basis for common understanding in order to overcome the lack of communication between the two societies.
  • Helping young people gain knowledge, skills and experiences in order for them to develop creative and innovative action plans and projects to strengthen the communication between the two communities.
  • Supporting the formation of long-term cooperation among young people of the two neighbour countries on the basis of intercultural awareness.