Project Description

Onur Yaser Can Scholarship

Every year, in order to honour the memory of our devoted friend Onur Yaser Can, who passed away in 2010 on unacceptable conditions, one student is provided with the opportunity of being an exchange student in Belgium with AFS Intercultural Programs for a year. Selected student’s program expenses are met by the AFS Volunteers Association.
Who is Onur Yaser Can?

Onur was born on 03.06.1982 in Ankara. After graduating from Gazi Anatolian High School in 2000, he spent a year  in Belgium with AFS Intercultural Programs as an exchange student. After his exchange year, he continued his education at Middle East Technical University’s Architecture Department.
Onur was put under surveillance on 02.06.2010 at Harbiye. He was tortured and treated with discriminatory behaviour. Later, he was called to police station for the second time, and he was forced to change his testimony. He ended his life after he was called to the station for the third time. His mother, Hatice Can ended up sharing the same fate with his son after fighting with injustice for 3.5 years.
The family’s legal struggle is still going on. AFS Volunteers are trying their best to support Can Family.
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EVA Turkey Scholarship

Every year, the scholarship funded by EVA program participants, provide one girl student with the opportunity of being an AFS Intercultural Program exchange student for a year. Selected student’s program expenses are met by the AFS Volunteers Association thanks to the funds raised in the framework of EVA Turkey Scholarship Fund.

Diversity Scholarship

In order to increase the geographical diversity of AFS Intercultural Programs, AFS volunteers provide a support scholarship to three students, coming from East and Southeastern parts of Turkey who wouldn’t be able to benefit from the program otherwise due to their financial conditions.
Full program scholarships are provided by AFS Volunteers Association or the Turkish Culture Foundation for the three students. All the other expenses (passport and visa fees, transportation orientation camps, monthly support provided during the time beneficiaries spend abroad) are covered by AFS Volunteers.


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