Project Description

As AFS Volunteers, we consider all of our trainings as a continuous growing process. With a goal of empowering people with different intercultural competences, we design and carry on numerous non-formal trainings on varying topics from intercultural learning, concepts of culture, and cultural awareness to civil society, volunteerism and global active citizenship.



These one-day workshops with specific topics are organized to help our volunteers gain the knowledge, skill and experiences they need in their volunteer journeys as well as their social and professional lives.
The topics of the workshops we have organized so for are as follows:
⦁ Feedback & Evaluation
⦁ Oral Interview
⦁ Teamwork & Core Values
⦁ Social Media & Communication
⦁ Law & Gender
⦁ Peer Education & Experiential Learning
⦁ Civil Society & Active Citizenship
⦁ Communication & Planning
⦁ Face to Face Fund Raising
⦁ Intercultural Learning & Volunteering for Adults
⦁ Educational Goals of AFS


We invite everyone who wants to get acquainted with our work and to volunteer with us to “Volunteering 101: The Force Awakens” and “Volunteering 102: Forceful Together”, the orientations where we discuss about the history of AFS, civil society and volunteering, organizational structure of and volunteer work in the association, teamwork and communication.